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Why a mission statement about inclusivity?

Directors UK commissioned a report in 2016 to look at gender inequality in film.

In 2014, only a quarter of UK film crew members were female, despite 50:50 gender representation at film school level.

There's poor representation of female directors in UK films. Over a recent ten year period just 13.6% of films were directed by women.

And what's more, just 7% of UK films are shot by a female director of photography. 

Society's understanding of gender has moved on considerably since the 2016 report. Gender identity is complex and multi-faceted. 

Unconscious bias

Directors UK found individual unconscious bias and systemic issues in the industry to be at the heart of the problem for gender representation in film.

LOST NORTHERNER is committed to removing this bias from our production process and balancing our crews and creatives . The result should be  balanced and inclusive gender representation on our films. Watch this space.

You can read Directors UK's report here:

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